Townhouse entries

This quick sketch design highlights the opportunities of an internal street to a community townhouse proposal. Located in regional Victoria, these townhouses utilise rear access via a communal driveway whereby the carparking is open (rather than a garage) and adjacent to pedestrian access. A large balcony is above one of the carspaces, allowing views across the site and providing passive surveillance to the communal gardens. Instead of fencing, there are painted timber pergolas interspersed with climbers on a trellis frame. Bold signage provides easily identifiable entries. Instead of hard surfacing within the carspaces, grasscrete is used as a method to reduce stormwater runoff and provide a greener outlook.
This proposal subverts ResCode by encouraging overlooking over privacy; we think it encourages a community spirit amongst close neighbours. This project currently is awaiting town planning approval.
Architects: Buckerfield Architects
Project manager: Esther Sugihto


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